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1 Grand Dîner. 4 Guests. Master the art of shining in society and become the President's favori. Bon appétit!


Tired of Chatroulette and Tinder? Here comes the future of random encounters, much fancier!

A 4-player game in which you must bring the attention of others to you. Le Grand Dîner is the only place where you have the right to act like an attention whore.

STAFF (Cnam-Enjmin students)

  • Jean-Louis BOUDRAND Programmer
  • Baptiste DENEUFBOURG Producer
  • Emmanuel DODET Art Director
  • Stéphan INGRAND UX Designer
  • Guillaume LAUGÉ Game Designer
  • Noé MIGNARD Sound Designer


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Bon appétit!


Le Grand Dîner 1.1 99 MB